Welcome to the Wikispace for the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics program
Experimental Challenges for the LHC Run II
Mar 28, 2016 - Jun 3, 2016
Coordinators: Claudio Campagnari, Monica D'Onofrio, Fabiola Gianotti, Ian Hinchliffe, Joe Incandela

Items for subsequent discussion throughout the program:
  • Recipe for usage of NLO electroweak corrections in high PT tails of jet, V+jet, VV, and VV+jets production
  • Recipe for systematic uncertainties for NLO electroweak corrections for precision electroweak physics
  • Best practices and issues for estimating the W and Z PT distribution for precision electroweak physics
  • What differences if any are important for 4F and 5F calculations for V+heavy flavor production, as well as Single Top and charged Higgs
  • Uncertainties for VV and VV+0 jet cross sections in light of recent progress for NNLO QCD cross sections
  • Technical considerations for PDF error estimation in precision electroweak physics arising from profiling Hessians and/or using NNPDF-style replicas simultaneously with the data
  • Experimental limitations for measuring heavy quark production especially in the collinear/gluon splitting instance

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